About Us

About Dot-The-Eye

Dot-The-Eye is a small business that is based in the south-west of England. We were originally founded in 2005 by Managing Director, Emma Jane Taylor, and have grown over the years to a team of eleven.

Prior to founding the company, Emma Jane was Head of Communications at Aerosystems International, which went on to be acquired by BAE Systems. She sits on the Board for a number of professional societies, takes an active role in a number of local community events, and is also a Board Member for the Ottawa Tourism Advisory Council. In addition to her professional appointments she has also spoken at events worldwide, on topics ranging from risk mitigation in event planning, to membership growth and retention.

As Dot-The-Eye has grown over the years, she has formed a diverse team of professionals who have a wide range of practical experience. The result of this is that we possess the skills required to enable small-to-medium sized societies and associations, to grow and develop in their area of expertise.

Our level of support is flexible and individually tailored for each organisation's needs. Our various services are outlined across the website, and we would be delighted to have a conversation with you to discuss how we can support your organisation. Please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

Managing Director Emma-Jane Taylor

Company Values

  1. We aspire to create an environment of approachability in all our working relationships
  2. We encourage a culture of empathy
  3. Flexibility is key to our work ethic and responsiveness
  4. We maintain integrity in all we do
  5. We continue to acquire the knowledge that enables us to offer a dedicated service
  6. We strive to maintain a high level of professionalism in all that we do
  7. Our reliability is delivered through consistency of service
  8. We foster respect through our working relationships
  9. Our stability provides a strong base for our growth and that of our customers
  10. Through our company culture we promote the well-being of each other