Professional Development

What is Professional Development and how can it benefit my customers?

Professional Development is the process of obtaining the skills, qualifications, and experience that will allow an individual to progress in their career. It is of growing importance to employees and members of professional organisations in today’s changing and sometimes uncertain job market.

At Dot-The-Eye we use our experience and specialist knowledge to implement and administer processes and systems to manage professional development for our clients. We provide support to businesses and professional societies in offering their members and employees relevant professional qualifications to their industry or domain.

Professional Development - Dot-The-Eye Ltd.

How can we help?


  • Help desk for individuals engaging in professional development
  • Administration of the processes
  • Help Desk/Email service
  • Liaison between stakeholders
  • Maintenance of records


  • Streamlined and efficient processes
  • Increased member retention rates
  • Improved member care
  • Additional income stream
  • Increased member satisfaction
  • Enhanced society reputation