Publications & Communications

Do time constraints mean it takes longer to get the message out?

Dot-The-Eye can take on all the responsibility for your communications.

When it comes to physical books or periodicals, this will include; professionally collating the initial copy; producing the layout in line with your brand guidelines; editing the copy to your specification; proof-reading and; coordinating the printing. We also facilitate the ability for our clients to sell their products via an online store, including taking care of stock levels and despatching.

For online-only materials such as newsletters or email shots, we can undertake copywriting and editing, as well as sourcing suitable imagery and ensuring a professional layout and appearance.

If your organisation uses social media, we can also update and monitor your accounts. This ensures that they are kept up to date with relevant information, as well being responsive to any interactions by your members.

Publications and Communications - Dot-The-Eye Ltd.

How can we help?


  • Ensuring consistent branding and messaging
  • Production of newsletters
  • Collating of technical information
  • Producing of community publications
  • Maintenance of social media accounts
  • Working with advertisers


  • Enhanced professional image
  • Increased brand visibility and promotion
  • Adherence to professional standards of communication
  • Ability to produce high-quality publications
  • Opportunity to generate additional revenue via online sales
  • Maintenance of an active and response online presence
IDLS2017 Handbook
IDLS event handbook cover, produced for their annual Symposium, 2017
INCOSE UK Brochure
ASEC conference brochure page, 2017
INCOSE UK Newsletter
INCOSE UK regular newsletter, 2018