Event Management

Do you want to grow your events?

Dot-The-Eye has been organising events worldwide for in excess of 10 years, developing an expertise in delivering high-quality and, most importantly, profitable events. These have varied in size from low-budget local conferences to million-dollar international symposiums, and our high level of success has resulted in a large amount of repeat business from our satisfied clients.

We have considerable experience in all areas of event management, including; venue selection; contract negotiation; risk mitigation; insurance policies; online booking systems and; the production of promotional materials and giveaways.

Allowing Dot-The-Eye to take care of these areas enables society volunteers to focus on securing high quality content, which attracts a wider audience and enhances the organisation’s reputation.

Event Management - Dot-The-Eye Ltd.

How can we help?


  • Venue identification and selection
  • Negotiation of event contracts
  • Organising and running of workshops
  • Provision and maintenance of online booking systems
  • Production of promotional materials and event literature


  • Ability for your organisation to focus on the technical message
  • Profitable events, leading to an increased revenue stream
  • An assured level of quality
  • Avoidance of unnecessary exposure to risk
  • A professionally presented event, that protects your reputation