Has your membership growth and retention stagnated?

Dot-The-Eye has a proven track record in managing membership. Our aim is to manage your membership system so that you can retain membership at a high level and attract new members.

From issuing renewal reminders and providing an automated online renewal system, to speaking directly to your members with a quick response time, we specialise in professionally administered systems to improve efficiency. This in turn supports member retention and growth in membership numbers and revenue.

Membership - Dot-The-Eye Ltd.

How can we help?


  • Help desk/emails
  • Online membership application and renewal processes
  • Issuing of renewal notices
  • Issuing of receipts relating to membership
  • Ensuring compliance with GDPR and other legalisation


  • Professional look and feel
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Improved member care
  • Higher retention rates
  • Improved cash flow