Management Services

Do you lack the time required to drive your organisation’s growth?

Dot-The-Eye offers organisations the opportunity to have their secretariat run centrally.

Most societies rely on volunteers to fill their various posts. These individuals often have full time jobs, and although they are ideally placed to make key strategic decisions for the society, have little time to worry about its day-to-day running. Dot-The-Eye can offer a tailor-made service that will allow these officers to keep control of the society, but free them from the daily administration involved with running it.

We have experience in delivering this service for international bodies, UK-based societies and local chapters.

Management Services - Dot-The-Eye Ltd.

How can we help?


  • A day time presence (responding to telephone calls and emails immediately)
  • Administration functions, such as organising meetings
  • Company secretarial services
  • Credit control and bad debt recovery


  • Enhanced professional reputation
  • Improved and joined up management information
  • More robust data security
  • Better management of commercial and regulatory risk
  • Improved cashflow