Covid-19 FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions we are being asked in relation to the current Covid-19. We are currently operating normally with our staff working remotely. Please contact us on, if your enquiry is not covered in this FAQ.


How will our key membership services be affected by the social isolation measures associated with the outbreak of Covid-19?

For us, membership services are business as usual. Our partners in the membership sector use bespoke online systems designed and implemented by us. This means that disruption to membership sign-ups and renewals will be minimal during this time.

We are struggling to process applications, that are being posted into our offices when we are working from home?

Many organisations have moved to either online application processes or upload solutions. In this currently climate, implementing upload systems for scanned documents is an effective solution. If you are considering going for a full online application process, make sure that your requirements are clearly defined. These systems take more time to implement and when done well, can link up a member’s records giving them comprehensive access to their information.

A word of caution

Please remember that you will need to consider how you are protecting both organisational and personal data. Our integrated systems take Cyber Security into account and effectively implement the backup systems for your online offerings.

Will there be delays in processing for our members?

For those partners who subscribe to Membership Services, our team are working remotely and in regular communication to reply promptly to any queries. We’re experienced in working remotely and therefore realistic about how the variation in working patterns can affect response times. We also have to accept that we have no control over third parties who we may have to contact on member’s behalf where staff may be furloughed etc. For this reason, we advise our partners to expect slightly longer response times during this time.

IT Solutions

How can we improve our current offerings to members while they are in lockdown?

IT companies are currently offering many and varied solutions to assist organisations connect with employees and members, from video conferencing tools to quiz apps. We have been assisting some of our partners in rolling out this technology in order that their networking groups can function and to assist them in creating some more engaging activities such as virtual quizzes. Contact for more information on this.

Managed Services

Should we just shut down during lockdown?

No, experience shows that when you stop operating, it takes a long time to get the wheels in motion again. Review your operations and work out what is essential and what you can still do ensure an income and most importantly, to support your members.

When you have established this, it is easier to focus your resources accordingly. Dot-The-Eye Ltd can continue to support with all aspects of financial and administrative support, which can be tailored to your needs during the current situation.


Should we cancel our events that are scheduled for later in the year?

Avoid any knee jerk reaction to just cancel everything.

What organisations should be doing at the moment, is looking at the contracts they have with venues and suppliers as well as the terms and conditions your delegates and exhibitors have signed.

Understand what your contractual obligations are along with the financial implications and talk to all parties involved. Explore what options are open to you, venues may be willing to be flexible.

If your event has insurance cover, check whether it is covers cancellation due to a pandemic.

From there, you can work out at what point you need to make a final decision on the event going ahead, what alternatives you can put in place e.g. can you replace the event with a virtual offering?

Finally, remember to clearly communication revised plans with all stake holders.

Should we be planning for future events?

Yes, now may be a good time to negotiate with venues and suppliers about future events and we all need something to look forward to.

A word of advice

Review the impact this pandemic has had on your current events and think about what you could do in the future to de risk the situation if it were to happened again. Have you got event insurance; do you have contingency plans in place? Dot-The-Eye can support your organisation in all aspects of future event planning. We support partners in both an advisory and hands-on capacity depending on their requirements.

Publications & Communications

Is there any point in continuing with Social Media and Publications in the current climate?

The first thing to remember is that at this time, members are looking for support and advice from their professional bodies and their fellow members along with support from ‘experts’ in their field .For those individuals who have been furloughed, they may be looking to engage in activities and are an enthusiastic audience for your communications.

So, there are a number of types of activities you can contact them about and encourage to do:

  • If some members have spare bandwidth why not contact them and ask for some technical articles for future news letters or the website. Etc.
  • Now may be a good time for working groups to develop a technical publication they have talk about for some time.
  • Share via Social Media or your website, information that is relevant to them about the current situation.
  • Now may be a good time for members to develop their career, do CPD, start some former of professional development or maybe just read some technical publications so use the opportunity to communicate and encourage them.
  • Finally, you need to keep communicating so that your members know the organisation still exists and is planning for the future.

Professional Development

If you currently access Dot-The-Eye to offer professional development benefits to your members, will it still be possible to obtain the usual level of bespoke advice for individuals during the ‘lockdown’?

We’re happy to be able to offer the same level of support to individual members during this time. Our professional development services team are working remotely and happy to answer any questions from your members as well as assisting them in accessing technical guidance via mentors from their organisations. During lockdown, many individuals are working from home or temporarily furloughed, finding they have extra time to consider their personal professional development. This may include accreditation applications or other development in connection with their continuing professional development (CPD). We are well placed to advise on any of these.

Will individuals still be able to access the application process during this time?

Yes. The application processes we have put in place for our partners all use bespoke online systems. Some are online forms, while others use straightforward upload/download processes. The good news is that all link with online merchants making it easy to access the whole process remotely with no need for postal or high street banking services.

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