Do your commitments allow you the time to publish your own literature professionally and on time?

Dot-The-Eye can take on all the responsibility for your publications. When it comes to physical books or periodicals, this will include professionally collating the initial copy, producing the layout, editing the copy to your specification and coordinating the printing.

We are also able to produce and distribute all digital and online products such as electronic magazines and newsletters. This will free up precious time to allow you to run your business smoothly, without the extra worry of publishing on time.

    We can also assist with:
  • • Raising revenue by selling your publications on your website
  • • Bespoke tailoring to your business requirements
  • • The collation, editing, printing and distribution of all literature
  • • Production and maintenance of mailing lists for you
  • • Time saving through increased efficiency and experience
International Data Links Society
Monthly Newsletter
IDLS Event Brochure
Produced for the Annual Symposium, 2015
Quick Guide: Link 22 Data Links
Produced for the International Data Links Society, 2016


Societies rarely have the time or resource to publish. Clients that we act for have reported that our publications are well received, with members’ feedback indicating that the information we produce is considered to be both professional and informative.

A significant project that Dot-The-Eye was involved in was a publication for a Society, for which we coordinated the sourcing of information, editing, branding and proof reading. This project resulted in the production of a professional Competency Framework, which has subsequently generated a revenue of approximately £7,000 to date.

As a volunteer run organisation, would the Society have found the time or had the professional expertise to produce this product without the assistance of Dot-The-Eye?

Testimonials are available on request.

Think Engineer
Illustrated Children’s Book
Produced for INCOSE UK, 2016
Preview Magazine
Regular Digital Publication
for INCOSE UK, 2016
ASEC Event Brochure
Produced for the Annual Conference, 2016


Systems Engineering Competency Framework
Produced for INCOSE UK, 2010